Complete Modern Dataset Offered for Exclusive Sale

The Muskox intrusion is one the last undeveloped world-class Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element (PGE) prospects. Consolidated Goldfields Corporation (CDGF) is offering for exclusive sale a complete modern data set covering this property. It represents a significant investment of time and money and would allow the owner to begin an advanced exploration program immediately.


Available for Timely and Efficient Exploration

The Muskox intrusion, located in northern Canada, is within a geological environment strikingly similar to that hosting the Noril’sk/Talnakh deposits, the world’s greatest accumulation of mineral wealth on the planet. To date the potential for the Muskox intrusion to host mineralization on the scale of the Noril’sk property has barely been tested but a significant data base is available for timely and efficient exploration.


Politically Stable Jurisdiction.

The majority of the world’s PGE production is from Russia or South Africa and exploration of the Muskox intrusion presents an opportunity to discover a significant PGE deposit in a politically stable jurisdiction. CDGF is offering the data set on the entire region hosting the geologically favorable intrusion. Dr. Larry Hulburt, an acknowledged world expert in ultramafic ore deposits and especially the Muskox property, organized and managed the data set.


Over 15 years of exploration and 4 multi-year programs conducted back to 1955.

The data set offered here represents over 15 years of exploration and 4 multi-year programs conducted back to 1955. Almost every bedrock exposure has been investigated and more than 1100 surface samples have been collected along the tens of kilometers of gossan that continuously strike the margins of the intrusion.


Extensive Geophysical Survey Data

The intrusion has been the target of greater than 5600 line kilometers of airborne magnetic and EM surveys, 466 line kilometers of ground geophysical surveys which include VLF, HLEM, Gravity, MT, and AMT. At least 4100m of borehole geophysics and 238 diamond drill holes totaling more than 34,000m of core; three of these were completed by the CSG.